Transform your idea into reality MVP in just 1 month

We specialize in helping startups and early-stage companies transform their ideas into functional MVPs in just 1 month for a fixed price.

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Our method

For over 10 years, we have been applying that exactly process in the day-to-day of clients at different stages and maturities.

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The first step is to understand the problem. We will have an exploration session to gather your idea, the main pain points, and questions to be validated. This initial session is completely free of charge.


Here, we will define the project scope, the goals we want to achieve, and how we will get there. The output of this phase is the project document, including its duration and stages.


Form and function in the same direction. In addition to delivering value, we will ensure that your product is desirable.


Hands-on, in a lean and efficient manner, we put into practice the plan defined by the technical team, always taking into consideration the best approach for your project at that time.

Launch & Track

Time to go to market. Every launched product is tracked. You will monitor the success indicators of your product in real-time.

Why us?

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For so Long the team was validating and building digital products for companies like Nubank,, IG, Didi, Rocket-Internet, Google, Grooveshark, Orkut etc…

Multidisciplinary Team

We have specialized skills for all phases of the digital product and business development journey.
From scratch to go-to-market.

Lean & Dedicated

1 project per time, 1 client at a time. We do not work with multiple projects. Each team executes 1 project at a time. We are a very senior and lean team and we do not believe in scaling this process.

Stealth Mode

We understand the importance of stealth mode, so we do not disclose any projects completed in any way. We even publish a portifolio. Your projects, not ours.

Pay as ready

The first stage of discussion, understanding, and project definition is totally free; Our team will schedule 2 appointments, to Map and define a Project Scope, with no charges.

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Transform your idea into reality now

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How do you manage to make an MVP in 1 month?

We discover exactly what you need to get your project off the ground, so we can design a scope that delivers real value within the 1-month development window. A dedicated and multidisciplinary team will work focused on your project.

Why is it so cheap?

It is not cheap, it is a fair price for a defined delivery in 1 month of product development.
We understand the needs of startups and early stages, so we help you with the necessary push for your launch. The recurrence process is natural; 90% of our clients return for new versions or other projects.

Is an MVP a prototype?

No, it is not only a navigable but functional version of your product that brings value from the launch.

After it's ready, what are the next steps?

Once delivered, you will validate your business... that's where it all begins. You may need us again for new iterations. You may pivot your business, or even increase your team to produce internally. For any of these alternatives, count on us.

What if my MVP doesn't fit in 1 month?

The idea of an MVP is to generate value and validate your idea as quickly as possible, but sometimes the minimum scope is slightly larger than our sprint. If that's the case, we'll update deadlines and values in the Project Definition stage.

Transform your idea into reality

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